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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is daycare so expensive?

The cost of your fees directly reflects the cost to provide care. Not only are we paying educated staff, but also all of the additional hours they put into programming and creating the environment your child interacts in each day. If you pay $40/day for 8 hours of childcare- you are only paying a university educated teacher $5/ hour!

What type of payments do you accept? Do you offer payment plans?

We accept PayPal (Button on Fees & Contact Pages), Credit Card, E-transfer, Cheques & Cash. We do offer 2 bi-monthly payments instead of having to pay one larger payment.

We try to do our best in accommodating all families, in any way we can, so please let us know if you have any concerns about paying the fees.

We also accept government subsidy.

Personal Possessions

We require a few possessions from home for your child's day to run smoothly. We ask that each item from home be labelled and in well-kept condition.

-Seasonal clothing items (Snow Pants, Mud/Rain Pants, Toque, Sun Hat)

-Fitted crib sheet


-Inside Shoes

-Sippy cup/water bottle

-Ice pack in lunch bag


-Spare clothing

-Soother/ special nap item

- Sunscreen

We do ask that personal play toys be kept at home to avoid the risk of being lost or damaged. We have plenty of developmentally appropriate activities in the classroom for your child each day!

Should I keep my child home if he/she is sick?

Here is a chart focusing on our centers illness policies and procedures.

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